Juan Diego Calle将.CO域名打造成全球品牌的故事

The Juan Diego Calle Story: How the .CO CEO is Turning a Seldom Used ccTLD Into a Booming Global Brand


1. 超过200个国家与地区的注册者注册了.CO域名;
2. 90%的注册者只注册了1-2个.CO域名;
3. 99%的注册者所注册的.CO域名少于10个;
4. .CO域名注册数量在11个以上的注册者只占1%。

Juan Diego Calle (CEO, .CO Internet S.A.S.)

In 1998 Calle discovered the Internet while spending a winter in France as an exchange student

Juan Calle (second from left) with his team at TeRespondo.com

.CO Director of Marketing Lori Anne Wardi, one of the really smart people that Juan Calle recruited for his .CO Registry team

Juan Calle and his wife Christina at the .CO Gala Party during the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Miami Conference in Oct. 2010

Juan Calle address delegates at the 39th International ICANN Meeting (Dec. 2010)

Juan Diego Calle (right) greets ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush at the 39th International ICANN Meeting in Cartagena, Colombia in December 2010

Leaders of the .CO Registry team (left to right): COO Nicolai Bezsonoff, CEO Juan Diego Calle and VP & ccTLD Manager Eduardo Santoyo

Natalie Lambert and David Castello admire the .CO Registry's "Anything is Possible" flying pig mascot during .CO's Versace Mansion Party in Miami - October 2010)

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