Today I think about the domain which I am inter­ested in invest­ing on every day. I ask myself what the domain is. Think­ing, feel­ing and decid­ing make me draw the fol­low­ing figure:

DOMAIN is D.O.M.A.I.N which means that directly open mind and invest network.

As well known the right tar­get of we invest on domains is earn­ing high prof­its by a change between mar­ket demands and resource sup­ply. To get a highly prof­itable domain firstly we need to open our minds based in all valu­able field of the global mar­ket. The next is invest­ing on the domains by the right mind.

I would say the word DOMAIN looks like a Bible. If some­one is able to under­stand its sig­ni­fi­ca­tion, the invest­ment will bring the man a huge return.

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