北美第二大团购网站LivingSocial.com正式获得爱尔兰后缀域名。目前,Living Social已经在爱尔兰开展团购业务。以下为外媒Domain Name Wire的英文报道。

LivingSocial has a new home on the web in Ireland: .Ie is the country code domain name for Ireland.

Last month the daily deals site filed for arbitration to get the domain name. Until now it has been offering deals in Ireland on its main web address.

The case has been terminated and the owner transferred the domain name to LivingSocial’s parent company, Hungry Machine, Inc.

Groupon used the same process earlier this year to get the domain name. Until then the company used for its Irish presence.

LivingSocial has filed a number of domain name arbitration cases over the past month covering typos, domains that incorporate the entire LivingSocial mark, and



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